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Step 1

In previous review I noticed if you do not have any experience of standard listening and seeing never buy expensive sound system .the friends who listen to the music with stereo why do they want hifi or the people who copies film in the street or an usual player or download version satisfy them why do they want expensive amplifier and players? Maybe you are wonder of my words. well whoever should improve it is really good and I confirm it but I want to say that it is much better that audience enjoys watching and listening while can understand voice and video correctly.

There are lots question of me that I have a system with a commercial mark and want to have combination system it is not bad at all that you have a 400$ system but there is an important matter here that if you ask me for an expensive system and with higher quality do you have any original dvd , have you ever tried an original dvd with best cables and player .

You ask me the mark of my player to buy a better one.

Understanding the details of sound and video never approach with searching on the internet and reading reviews you just need time lapse and experience.

You can start with a usual system which find in each home and experience standard sound and video and try to use to it and you will be improving more and more.

Try to understand dsp with change  the cables and know the texture , change the speakers and try to understand dsp you should understand the difference of dsp when speakers is changed a bit.

If you can do it you can try more expensive system and player with some original dvd right now.

Before buy expensive player see some original dvd with a cheap and usual player due to understand the details better of course try it with your expensive player.

The friends who use PS3 and want a top player should not ignore which were told before.

I know that PS3 have some limitation in sound and video but it have its specials which can not find in any thousands dollar HI-End.

Never buy expensive systems when you can not understand sound and video details easily

good luck

ارسال نظر

1.کاربران سایت باید هنگام ارسال دیدگاه از کلمات مناسب استفاده کنند. در صورت مشاهده‌ی کلمات رکیک و نامناسب، پیغام کاربر حذف شده و در صورت تکرار، نام کاربری و IP وی مسدود می‌شود.
2.لطفا در هنگام پاسخ دادن به سوالات از به کارگیری الفاظ و جملاتی تحقیرآمیز که باعث دلسردی کاربر سوال کننده شود خودداری کنید.

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